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I'm Ross Angle, a programming language designer and metafiction fan who wants to build abstraction techniques that will help society be mindful of new and unfamiliar social entities.

Often I come up with ideas for artistic goals like making AMVs or authoring some original stories, but then I divert that motivation to the task of building the tools that would support that kind of project instead. That's been an okay dynamic. As of this writing, my programming language Cene is polished enough that I can use it, but I'm still tempted to write a package manager and a UI library before I build creative works on top of it.

How you can find me

Feel free to contact me over email at rokitna?hotmail.???. (If you're a recruiter: I'm sorry to say I almost never respond to recruiters unless I'm actively looking for work.)

If you want to read programming discussions I've participated in, there are several old posts I've made on the Arc Forum as rocketnia and Lambda the Ultimate as Ross Angle. Hmm, lately I've been discussing my language progress in more private places, unfortunately.

Occasionally I update my GitHub repos, my programming blog, and (least frequently) this website.

The repos are probably the best way to see my latest progress and notes.

About Me
In-Browser Utilities
Libraries for Racket
  • Punctaffy: Higher-dimensional parentheses
  • Interconfection: Deterministic concurrency for module systems
  • Lathe Ordinals: Ordinal numbers
  • Parendown: Indentation reduction
  • Lathe Comforts: Various utilities
Various Experiments
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