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A print version of my resume, somewhat trimmed down to fit one page, is available for download as a PDF or a Microsoft Word document.

Ross Angle

Software Engineer

Front-End Developer — GSN Games, Inc. — June 2014–January 2017

  • Wrote application logic, Angular.js UI views, Less stylesheets, and SQL database migrations for new GSN Casino features including progressive jackpots, achievements, cross-promotion dialogs, and decorative holiday themes. GSN Casino is an app for the Facebook Canvas platform. We A/B tested each user-facing change.
  • Helped develop a container layer, mock server, and Gulp build process so HTML5 games could be added alongside GSN Casino's catalog of Flash and Unity games.
  • Expanded and refactored the features of GSN Casino's admin configuration website.
  • Trained a remote developer team.
  • Wrote unit tests using Jasmine and Istanbul.
  • Participated in code reviews using Crucible.

Software Engineer — FunMobility, Inc. — October 2010–May 2014

  • Worked with external teams to code more than 15 multiplayer HTML5 games for the FunChat iOS/Android mobile app.
  • Designed and built a distributed transactional memory model and an iframe-based game previewer for multiplayer FunChat games.
  • Defined an API and wrote a build script and a Node.js mock server to support a product pipeline for AppWidgets, a SaaS platform of mobile marketing campaigns (e.g. surveys and coupons). AppWidgets customers configure their mobile push campaigns on the Web with in-browser preview.
  • Helped code four AppWidgets widgets and their Web configuration pages.
  • Helped code the iOS/Android app Chiquita FanFun (IBM LEADER Award winner) and the iOS app ISSMM CONVERGE Chicago 2012 based on AppWidgets technology.
  • Was solo coder for an Android wallpaper app, Live Wallpaper Planet: Earthscapes.
  • Trained two coworkers in HTML5.

Web Developer — Linfield College — February 2007–December 2008

  • Built a PHP- and MySQL-backed CRUD interface scriptable for new record types and field input methods.
  • Used the ToolMan JavaScript drag-and-drop library to build a Web interface for rearranging department faculty listings.
  • Assisted the webmaster with updating page templates and debugging the site.

Developer — Google Summer of Code — Summer 2008

  • Wrote an application and proposal that was granted sponsorship.
  • Built Groovy Science, an open source library which provides a symbolic expression format with support for pattern match-and-replace operations. This was intended as a glue layer to help interface Groovy with existing scientific Java libraries such as JScience.

QA Tester and Software Engineer — Pronto Games, Inc. — Summers 2002–2007

  • Tested the Game Boy Advance games Ten Pin Alley 2 and Thunder Alley.
  • Created, maintained, and submitted to a Microsoft Access bug database, which smoothed collaboration between the QA and engineering departments.
  • Configured the existing BREW cell phone games Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Dig Dug, and Galaga to work on dozens more handsets.
  • Programmed some 2D physics primitives for a J2ME version of Katamari Damacy that was never released.

Student — Linfield College — September 2005–January 2009

  • Made the Top 200 List in the 2008 Putnam Mathematics Competition.
  • Received Honorable Mention for team participation in the 2008 Mathematical Contest in Modeling.
  • Received a B.A. in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science in less than four years, with a 3.360 GPA.

Preferred languages

Client-side Web standards (JavaScript, HTML, and CSS), Java, Groovy, Racket, Haskell.

Other languages

Arc, ActionScript 3, PHP, XML, Ant, C, C++, SQL, LATEX, Applesoft BASIC.

Usual workspace

Windows (with Cygwin) or macOS or Linux Mint; Chrome dev tools; Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA or Atom; GitHub; command-line git or TortoiseSVN; JIRA and Crucible; WinMerge; grep; GIMP.

More about me

In my spare time, I design programming languages and interactive fiction tools, striving for a world where every being is well cared for. I also like to pass the time with TCGs, comedy anime, Mega Man remixes, and reverse engineering.

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