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I'm Ross Angle, a big-dreaming programmer. I like to start out with a grand creative vision in mind, but then boil off all the "easy" parts until only abstract paradoxes are left over. Then I seek out practical resolutions for those paradoxes instead of tackling the creative project as a whole. I look forward to a life collaborating with other creative people who would otherwise get tripped up on this kind of deep technical paradox in their own work, and I hope to leave behind a suite of reusable tools for future dreamers' sake.

Occasionally I do take my head out of the clouds and do a small fanwork or two. I have a particular fanaticism for self-parodying stories, especially comedy anime.

For the past few years I've been considering how I could make the world a better place with my skills. I try not to make many assumptions about what kind of ethics the people of the future will live by, but I figure they'll be most satisfied in a world with sustained peace and frequent opportunities for grassroots enterprise. My specialty is technology, but technology can often introduce new gaps of unexplored ethical territory, potentially leading to bitter, unpeaceful disagreement. On the other hand, relatively "secure" technology has relatively few ethical gaps, and technology for communication and self-expression can potentially help us resolve our disagreements as they come up. I'll try to produce the good stuff!

How you can find me

Feel free to contact me over email at rokitna?hotmail.???.

If you just want to Internet-stalk me, you can find me posting on the Arc Forum as rocketnia and Lambda the Ultimate as Ross Angle.

Occasionally I update my GitHub repos, my programming blog, and (least frequently) this website. There's a lot that doesn't see the light of day in any of these venues; I tend to post about my work when I have something self-contained and relatively complete in purpose, and even then I often choose to get caught up in the next phase of the project right away.

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